The latest update of the telegram?

The latest update of the telegram?

The latest update of the telegram?

The latest update of the telegram?

Our number of users is increasing rapidly. Tens of thousands of new users download and register for telegram(电报应用程序) every day. This includes the computer version and mobile version of the telegraph application. Of course, with the increase of users, there will be more and more tests on the application. Therefore, our technicians have been constantly accelerating the pace of updating, providing you with more easy-to-use functions and constantly repairing the errors.

So what is included in this update? We have improved the tools that allow users to test and made some improvements for computer and mobile versions.


Improved testing tools

As many users know, we have added a test mode to the telegram(电报APP) poles before, so that you can test some useful functions. Recently, we have also seen many users use robots to create educational tests, so this update further optimizes this function and makes the function of the test tool more powerful.

After improvement, you can add a function, that is, the corresponding prompt appears when they answer the test questions, which can help you know the mistakes and improve them, and at least provide you with suggestions for improvement.

For example, you can update the telegram application and test it on “the history and characteristics of telegrams”. When you create a test through the robot, you can also set a timer for this problem. When the timer starts working, there will be a corresponding dynamic screen prompt, and you can clearly see the remaining time.

Telegram 电脑和移动版本的更新


Improvement of the telegram computer version

The improvement of the computer version of the telegram(Telegram 电脑版) is mainly aimed at the Mac version of the telegram. After the update, users of the Mac version of telegram can directly link to the shared media from the page of personal data, and we have made a new design for the page of personal data. If you have a lot of folders, you usually like the new folder with PC style icon because it can solve your problem.


Improvement of the mobile version

The update of this mobile version is mainly reflected in the Android version of the telegram. We have added an attachment menu on Android. What is the function of this attachment menu? It can be accessed as an extensible layer, and all parts can realize this function. At the same time, new themes have been added to make the menu more fashionable. Of course, the most important thing is that its practicability has been strengthened.

What are the recent updates to telegram?

New dynamic expression pack

Telegram has been constantly updating fun and practical stickers(贴纸). Of course, with the increasing number of expression packs, it becomes difficult to quickly find the expression pack you want among many expressions.

So what improvements have we made this time? First, we have added a new expression package directory. You can quickly find the target expression package through series name search, and you also have the function of accessing history. You can browse and search for the stickers you have visited in the past.

The latest update of the telegram?
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